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Betsy Westcott

My greatest wish is that every Australian enjoy financial wellbeing. I believe that the better the skills and knowledge we have about money, the better choices we can make with our financial resources to live a happy, independent life. That's why I've dedicated my career to helping people understand and make the most out of their money.

I am a Licensed Financial Wellness Coach and the founder of the Inner Money Journey, a financial coaching platform helping individuals and couples to live a financially free and secure life that allows them to experience true prosperity. I am qualified as a Financial Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Certified Money Coach. I've advised some of Australia's wealthiest families as a Private Banker at both NAB & ANZ, designed, built and scaled banking operations as the Director of Retail Banking at Xinja Bank, lead digital transformation initiatives with Macquarie Group, and held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at financial wellness fintech Future U.

My passion is improving the financial lives of others and advocating for financial wellbeing. I'm an ambassador to the Ladies Finance Club, have co-created the Dealing with Financial Stress course with David Koch and am a regular financial commentator in podcasts, articles and news outlets including the Project, The Morning Show and Your Money, Your Life.

The views I express on Linkedin or in any form of media are entirely my own.

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