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Chris King

Chris grew up in Perth and completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at the University of Western Australia. He is the Founder and CEO of Splend, the largest vehicle subscription provider in Australia & the UK, with a current focus on on-demand delivery and rideshare apps such as Uber. Chris has built the company from the ground up and has been there for every step of the company's international growth.Founded in Sydney in 2015, Splend is a technology-enabled vehicle subscription provider that helps people to earn a living through on-demand apps, such as Uber, by providing flexible vehicle subscription and ownership plans. The idea originally originated from providing all individuals with the opportunity to generate an income by driving for a rideshare platform, at a more cost effective price than traditional car finance. As on-demand driving grew and became a part of modern society, Splend was able to expand to nine different cities across Australia, the Americas, and Europe, grow their global team to over 150 employees and has raised over $250m. Splend is now leading the green mobility transition through rolling out electric and hybrid vehicles across its markets and leveraging its vehicle subscription platform to expand into further market segments.

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